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Do you decorate the 5th Wall?

Yes…..think outside of the box (or the room!). Start to see your ceiling as the fifth wall. It’s an amazing way to introduce texture colour and art. There is now such a choice of wallpaper. By introducing wall paper to the ceiling, you can create the illusion of height and a larger room size without a chaotic feel.

Wallpapering the ceiling can give the wallpaper the opportunity to make a statement all of its own, plain ceilings can be dull! It is definitely an area that shouldn’t be forgotten. It can add a new talking point to the room and an entirely new element to your interior. Or you could wall paper all 5 walls!

Working with an interior designer ensures that you get the right measurements and look and also help you to find an expert to install the wallpaper. There is no room for mistakes as it can be hard to cover up.

What patterns do you use?

Geometric patterns These are great and best to be kept to a large scale. Smaller patterns do not work at a distance

Floral These can provide more feeling to the room but we would probably use a neutral palette for the rest of the walls.

Metallic This is a great way to introduce texture and also reflect light.

So what are you waiting for………….

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